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Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper

By Sean | In What's New | on October 20, 2017

This is the top-of-the-line when it comes to the extensive Westside Barbell suite of unique Reverse Hypers.

Even though the sound mechanics of the Reverse Hyper have been good enough to rehabilitate Louie’s broken back and provide improved posterior chain strength in athletes and power lifters around the world through years of service, Louie still found room to improve the venerable Reverse Hyper concept.

By bending the weighted pendulum rearward, Louie sought to provide more eccentric momentum on the return stroke, providing a greater stretching effect for the lower back, glutes and hamstrings of the user.

This emphasises the rehabilitative properties of the Reverse Hyper by allowing more stretching of the posterior chain muscles and more lubrication of the lumbar discs than ever before.

Since the center of gravity was extended behind the machine, a clever mechanism was devised by our equipment designer, wherein the user grasps a second set of handles to move a stopper into place underneath the padded platform to catch the pendulum and hold it in a position to facilitate ingress / egress from the machine.

The chassis and the tilting platform are the same as on the Ultra Pro and Ultra Supreme Reverse Hypers, so the user gets the benefit of being able to address the posterior chain group of muscles at different angles, placing emphasis in specific areas for precisely targeted strength / rehab benefits.

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